[rc5] rc5 nicness

Harald Meyer haraldme at metronet.de
Thu Oct 9 12:37:54 EDT 1997

Hey folks,

look what I've found at


> (...)
> There are three types of components involved in making
> Windows NT services work. The first component is called the
>  Service Control Manager (SCM, pronounced "scum"). Each
> Windows NT system ships with a SCM that lives in the
> Services.exe file. It is automatically invoked when the operating
> system boots, and terminates when the system is shut down.
> This process runs with system privileges and provides a unified
> and secure means of controlling Win32 services. The SCM is
> responsible for communicating with the various services, telling
> them to start, stop, pause, continue, and so on.
> (...)
> In addition to the Services Control Panel applet, Windows NT
> also ships with a command-line SCP tool called NET.EXE. This
> tool is limited to controlling services residing on the local
> machine. Using NET.EXE, you can start, pause, continue, and
> stop services using the following syntax:
> NET START    servicename
> NET PAUSE    servicename
> NET CONTINUE servicename
> NET STOP     servicename
> You can also use NET.EXE to display a list of services running
> on the local machine by simply typing
> without specifying a servicename.
> (...)

This scum seems to be able to stop and continue a service, just like a real OS.
This would solve the problem with having no idle CPU cycles. Simply stop
the rc5 client, let the GC do it's work and continue.


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