[rc5] rc5 nicness

Harald Meyer haraldme at metronet.de
Thu Oct 9 18:29:07 EDT 1997

Brian Greul (Exch) wrote:

> you could also use the task manager to boost the priority of the GC to
> something other than idle.
> There are 3 other priorities.
> Boosting its priority should help.
> But in reality.
> This is  a GC programming problem.
> It sounds like you need to modify the GC to be 'forcible' on demand, or
> to execute after so many hours.
> It is concevable that a system running NT might not Idle for a long time
> (if it was really busy doing rendering or being a web server)
> >From the way this discussion is going it sounds like you want to turn
> the world on end to satiate a very small program.

This is not a problem with priorities. Some programmer at Microsoft has- with the best intentions - decided to do the GC in the system's idle time.
Before the NT kernel enters the idle task it creates a system_idle event,
the VM catches this event and starts GC. Fine. No CPU time wasted.
But if there is no idle time, no GC is done and the garbage piles up until
the system crashes. This is a bug. It has to be removed by Microsoft
because there is no source code available. Until this is done, a workaround
has to be used. One way is to force the GC from within the Java application,
but Christian has to use some Java apps he hasn't the source for. So the only
way is to create a system_idle event, no matter how. My idea was to simply
"freeze" the rc5 client, so I started to look around how this is done in NT.
Altavista found nothing, so I used the internal search engine at microsoft.com
It found something, and somebody should try it, maybe it works.


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