[rc5] Personal Proxy Logs?

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Thu Oct 9 12:14:40 EDT 1997

Dan Scott wrote:
> I've seen people mention their personal proxy logs on this list, but
> I've never seen a log or an option to create one on my system.  I was
> thinking maybe the Windows proxy didn't keep logs, but this morning
> I caught the message '**Flushed success log to disk' on the console.
> Does the Bovine Personal Proxy KeyServer (Build 2106) keep a log, and
> if so where is it?  I'd like to be able to occasionally scan a log
> to see if any of my clients have stopped reporting.

I wonder if you are really running the proxy, or just trolling!
I'll bite...

Step One: Perform whatever key/pointer actions you must to bring
          the proxy window to the front.

Right there in front, just below the title bar, very near the
center, is a button labeled "Control Panel".

Step Two: Maneuver the cursor until it is over the button and then
          do whatever is your equivalent of a mouse-button-one-click.

A new dialog will spring up and there will be something like two
columns of buttons. Don't be frightened, just read the label of
the button that is fourth from the top in the right hand column.
It should say "KeyProxy Filename Setup".

Step Three: Repeat Step Two.

Yet another dialog will appear and there will be a couple of text
entry fields and a couple of buttons. There will be a group box
that is labeled "Logging and Statistics". Within the box there is
a checkbox with the words "Enable general file logging to pathname:"

Step Four: Repeat Step Two except substitute "checkbox" for

Under the checkbox is a text entry field.

Step Five: Repeat Step Two except substitute "entry field" for

Step Six: Using the keyboard, enter a filename. Even "filename"
          is satifactory.

There is a button near the upper right corner of the dialog that is
labeled "OK".

Step Seven: Repeat Step Two.

There is a button in the remaining dialog labeled "Close".

Step Eight: Repeat Step Two.

After all that, the proxy will log some of the messages that are
displayed in the status window to the logfile that you designated.


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