[rc5] Personal Proxy Logs?

Brian Greul (Exch) bbraf08 at exch-imc.b-r.com
Thu Oct 9 12:43:25 EDT 1997

speaking of the personal proxy.... :)
Do we have a release in view for the firewall support?
It would be really nice to have a proxy that allowed port 80 to be used,
could http impersonation and support username/password....
Then I wouldn'thave to do a copy and replace circus to get the 2Mkey
performance I can grab here....

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>Dan Scott wrote:
>> I've seen people mention their personal proxy logs on this list, but
>> I've never seen a log or an option to create one on my system.  I was
>> thinking maybe the Windows proxy didn't keep logs, but this morning
>> I caught the message '**Flushed success log to disk' on the console.
>> Does the Bovine Personal Proxy KeyServer (Build 2106) keep a log, and
>> if so where is it?  I'd like to be able to occasionally scan a log
>> to see if any of my clients have stopped reporting.
>I wonder if you are really running the proxy, or just trolling!
>I'll bite...
>Step One: Perform whatever key/pointer actions you must to bring
>          the proxy window to the front.
>Right there in front, just below the title bar, very near the
>center, is a button labeled "Control Panel".
>Step Two: Maneuver the cursor until it is over the button and then
>          do whatever is your equivalent of a mouse-button-one-click.
>A new dialog will spring up and there will be something like two
>columns of buttons. Don't be frightened, just read the label of
>the button that is fourth from the top in the right hand column.
>It should say "KeyProxy Filename Setup".
>Step Three: Repeat Step Two.
>Yet another dialog will appear and there will be a couple of text
>entry fields and a couple of buttons. There will be a group box
>that is labeled "Logging and Statistics". Within the box there is
>a checkbox with the words "Enable general file logging to pathname:"
>Step Four: Repeat Step Two except substitute "checkbox" for
>           "button".
>Under the checkbox is a text entry field.
>Step Five: Repeat Step Two except substitute "entry field" for
>           "button".
>Step Six: Using the keyboard, enter a filename. Even "filename"
>          is satifactory.
>There is a button near the upper right corner of the dialog that is
>labeled "OK".
>Step Seven: Repeat Step Two.
>There is a button in the remaining dialog labeled "Close".
>Step Eight: Repeat Step Two.
>After all that, the proxy will log some of the messages that are
>displayed in the status window to the logfile that you designated.
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