[rc5] Blocks

Zach zab at zabbo.net
Thu Oct 9 10:47:28 EDT 1997

Thanks for the level headed response.  I do have some comments though..

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, David McNett wrote:

> This was why we drew everyone together into a single V2 development
> team.  May I politely point out that were it not for the cohesive
> and very talented coding team and the single code base, there is no
> way we would be able to have the divirsity of platform support that
> we have, nor a consistant versioning scheme.  These are all Good Things
> and are far more important to the effort than any unmeasurable security
> benefit brought about by the lack of code availability.

Definitely.  I can fully appreciate wanting to have a single code
{tree,base}. I'd certainly not want to have to deal with crappy-ass code
that people put out. 

But there is still room for improvement.  For example, I sent off a note
to the guy that was dubbed the unix build dude on the credits page.  I was
looking for a native sparc/linux port.  I offered to either maintain a
sparc/linux port (which would be trivial, as I'm sure you guys realize) or
just compile binaries on the sparc/linux boxes out here and give them
back.  I didn't get a response saying "thanks, but we want to have local
control of all binaries" or "that sounds great, let me get you in touch
with the developer dudes".. I instead got a reply something along the
lines of "piss off".  Now that's useful.  Its all well and good to not
release source code, but why not let others help out?  

> Perhaps a better approach would have been to contact one of the coding
> team and expressing your interest in porting the client to Java.
> Certainly that would have garnered a far better response that spewing your

didn't work for me :(

-- zach

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