[rc5] Blocks

Mishari Muqbil mishari at thepentagon.com
Fri Oct 10 06:03:52 EDT 1997

Look, i have absolutely no idea what you guys are all Bitching on about:

If you want to code your own clients, just code it from the damn V1 source code will ya?
The support for it will continue until the Rc5 effort is finished. PERIOD. NO BUTS.

If you CLAIM you can optimize it/port it/make it better, take the v1 client, then do it!
Quit whining about how the v2 client is not avail. If you code in your feature, and email
the rc5help at slacker.com and if it's not already done better by the team and ready to be
released, they'll take on your offer to do the enhancements on the v2 client.
THAT SIMPLE. No need to reverse engineer anything.

JAVA? Java is 50-60 times slower than the average v1 client. Now, you wanna waste your
time with that? Or do you want to just get the damn thing done? You guys seem to have all
succumb to advertising/media bull about how Java is the gr8est thing ever. Java has its
Definitely not here... least not yet. If you think you can do it, try to code it from the
V1 client. If you can get it ANYWHERE near the speed. You'll probably get your life long
desire to do a V2 port.

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