[rc5] Of missing blocks and main proxies

dkelly at hiwaay.net dkelly at hiwaay.net
Thu Oct 9 21:11:22 EDT 1997

TwinTowers || <rc5crack at kuala-lumpur.inet-one.com> writes:
> Now, we run one single personal proxy for all our clients. From the proxy 
> log, we checked a total of 56333 blocks from GMT days of Oct 1 to Oct 8. 
> But from the team history, we were reported to check only 54433 blocks. 
> So 1900 blocks have gone missing over that 8 day period. We are not 
> particularly concerned about our team stats, but were wondering whether 
> the various main proxies are doing their job right. If one or more are 
> not behaving well and losing hard-worked blocks, the whole Bovine will 
> suffer from losing actual processing power to those stupid main proxies.
> If Bovine intends to investigate the main proxies, we are willing to 
> supply the detailed block submission info from our personal proxy. 

I've decided to quit rolling my logs off into the bit bucket myself as
less than half of my blocks make it to the statistics page.

My home system does 425kk/sec, about 140 blocks/day. Three systems at
work do 450kk/sec combinded, and the PowerMac does 600kk/sec. I should be
averaging 1400kk/sec, or over 450 blocks per day (I'm rounding down).

All systems appear to be reporting OK. Those at work are directed
thru a personal proxy. Am certain I'm not spelling my email address
wrong, there are only 2 dkelly's in the stats.

David Kelly N4HHE, dkelly at hiwaay.net
The human mind ordinarily operates at only ten percent of its
capacity -- the rest is overhead for the operating system.

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