[rc5] rc5 nicness

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Thu Oct 9 22:23:42 EDT 1997

Christian Holmqvist wrote:

> The GC knows that there is SysIdle time when the System Idle process is
> sending out system idle event. The idéa is to let RC5 client fake the
> SysIdle process so the system still thinks it got system idle time even
> though it hasn't.

So make it be idle!

Under Unix/Linux/etc., you can just send it the SIGSTOP signal, wait a
few seconds, and then send it SIGCONT.

Or you could have it process (say) 1 or 2 blocks per run, and control
it from a shell script like this:

while true; do
  ./rc5v2-foo	# number of blocks defined in rc5v2-foo.ini
  sleep 30	# adjust to taste

The GC-only-when-idle model breaks down in the face of some real-life
problems such as runaway processes.  rc5v2 is *nothing* compared to a
real runaway process, let alone something truly nasty like a runaway
self-forking process.

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