[rc5] rc5 nicness

Tim Lacy timla at oz.net
Thu Oct 9 21:36:12 EDT 1997

OK, I'm an NT user.  Get the resource kit (or write your own sleep.exe, or run the scheduler and fire the script off occasionally)

SLEEP version: (GCPause.cmd)
net pause servicename
sleep 30
net continue servicename
sleep 300
goto start

This will pause a service for 30 seconds every five minutes.
This can be done via the scheduler (at.exe), which is a better method if you only want to pause once or twice per day, and pause for more than a minute.

at version:
at 0800 /every:M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su "cmd /c ATGC.CMD"

net pause servicename
sleep 60
net continue servicename

... then there's KILL.EXE (from the resource kit) for the gui version:

kill guiwin32.exe

... if you don't use the /f option with kill.exe, guiwin32.exe should halt itself cleanly...

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dan carter wrote:

> Harald Meyer wrote:
> >
> > wooledge wrote:
> >
> > > Under Unix/Linux/etc., you can just send it the SIGSTOP signal, wait a
> > > few seconds, and then send it SIGCONT.
> >
> > Yeah, really clever. The guy is running NT.
> > If he would run Unix/Linux, there would be
> > no need to stop the process.
> If he is running it as an NT service then he can stop start it using the
> net pause and net resume commands, with a script much the same as that
> unix one.

Yes, maybe. I've posted this here, but there wasn't  *any* response from *any* NT user.


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