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Robert N. Waybright neilw1 at home.com
Thu Oct 9 22:10:56 EDT 1997

From:  Mishari Muqbil[SMTP:mishari at thepentagon.com]
Sent:  Thursday, October 09, 1997 3:04 PM

Subject:  Re: [rc5] Blocks
JAVA? Java is 50-60 times slower than the average v1 client. Now, you wanna waste your
time with that? Or do you want to just get the damn thing done? You guys seem to have all
succumb to advertising/media bull about how Java is the gr8est thing ever. Java has its

Huh?  Average V1 clients are 50 - 60 times faster than assembly?  I don't get it.  Take the assembly code (with C calling conventions and a few tweeks) and you have a native java method. Java is very good at GUI and network code.  Use the right tool for the job.   The point of all of the argument is that there are going to be more than just rc5 clients out there soon.  A java client would have a lot of advantages in that environment, namely simplicity and commonality across a 
large client base.  You could start out with relatively unoptimized native methods written in decent C, then moved to assembler as appropriate.  This would allow you to issue a complete set of clients (all platforms) in a single day so people could get to work while wizards did assembly language work to get a more optimized native method out the door.

This lashing out at everyone who has offered help seems to be a worthless waste of time.


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