[rc5] Blocks

Darrell Fuhriman darrell at grumblesmurf.net
Fri Oct 10 00:22:02 EDT 1997

Mishari Muqbil <mishari at thepentagon.com> writes:

> If you want to code your own clients, just code it from the damn V1 source code will ya?
> The support for it will continue until the Rc5 effort is finished. PERIOD. NO BUTS.

I don't want to code my own damn client.  I want to help improve
the ones that are there.  I want to make the personal proxy work
through a firewall.  I want to do SPARC optimizations.

> Quit whining about how the v2 client is not avail. If you code
> in your feature, and email the rc5help at slacker.com and if it's
> not already done better by the team and ready to be released,
> they'll take on your offer to do the enhancements on the v2
> client.  THAT SIMPLE. No need to reverse engineer anything.

Bullshit, as many here have testified, mail to the developers gets
ignored, or replied to with "go away."

People are asking to help and being essentially told to fuck off.

> Definitely not here... least not yet. If you think you can do
> it, try to code it from the V1 client. If you can get it
> ANYWHERE near the speed. You'll probably get your life long
> desire to do a V2 port.

I personally don't give a rat's left ass about java, I want to
add much requested features to the existing clients.

Tell me where I can get the source to the personal proxy, which I
really want to fix.

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