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Bob Krzaczek rskpci at cis.rit.edu
Fri Oct 10 12:48:17 EDT 1997

On 9 Oct 1997, Darrell Fuhriman wrote:

> People are asking to help and being essentially told to fuck off.

That's excessive, don't you think?  Even if you don't, I don't believe
that *everyone* who's asked to help feels this way.

Quite some time ago, I offered to help out with the v2 clients; 
specifically, I was interested in optimizing the Digital Alpha client and
creating a client for a PPC-based parallel machine.  My first attempts at
contacting the developers were lost in the shuffle; apparently, each
person thought someone else had "taken care of it".  I tried a second
time, and got a response from Jeff Lawson, who apologized for the delay,
noted that they already had someone working on Alpha optimizations of some
kind, and released a copy of the source to me for the parallel client
since no one else was working on that specific platform yet. 

Now, it's a damn shame that the delay occurred, since I lost use of the
machine to another research group, but at the *worst* I thought it was
just a bit rude that no one could even respond to me to say, "no". 
Impersonal? Yeah. Rude? Maybe. But, did I feel I was told to "fuck off"? 
Oh, come *on*... get over yourself! 

Then, later, when Jeff email me and responded to my previous messages,
apologized for the miscommunications among the developers, and accepted my
offer to help, I realized they're just another group of people, and
occasionally make the same mistakes all the other people in the world do. 

Or cows. 

So lighten up. 

// boba

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