[rc5] Security, Java, and Source

Chris W. Johnson chrisj at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Oct 10 14:47:34 EDT 1997

>     The Apple propaganda states that OS8 runs Java out of the box.  I've
>     not used OS8, because we have compatibility problems with it, but I
>     expect that this is approximately true.

For those interested in the state of Java on the Mac platform:

It's not just the propaganda that states that OS 8 runs Java out of the box
- I'll state it. OS 8 runs Java out of the box.  :-)  The major limitations
of the version of Java shipped in OS 8, Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ)
1.0.2, are that it only supports Java 1.0.2, and it's not exactly fast. The
good news is that two things have happened since OS 8 was released:

(1) MRJ 1.5 has been released, and can be freely downloaded from
<http://applejava.apple.com/>. It only supports Java 1.0.2, but it is very
stable, and includes a good JiT compiler that makes it 10 times faster than
previous incarnations of MRJ.

(2) MRJ 2.0 supports Java 1.1.3 and is nearing completion. Apple's latest
Java white paper says it's due before the end of the year. MRJ 2.0 also
includes some nifty new functionality like JBindery, which is a utility
that encapsulates all the components of a Java app, including any necessary
command line arguments, into a single double-clickable application, so
users can run Java apps without knowing a thing about Java.

Apple is committed to 100% Pure Java. Its stated goal is to ultimately make
the Mac (initially running Mac OS and later Rhapsody) the platform of
choice for Java developers, much as the majority of multi-media developers
current use the Mac, even though the majority of their customers do not.

>     I note that Apple is not
>     being sued for failure to comply with licensing agreements concerning
>     Java.

Yup. Whether or not Apple succedes in making Mac the platform of choice for
Java developers, they're clearly heading in a useful direction. Microsoft,
in stark contrast, is actively working against 100% Pure Java.


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