[rc5] What happens when the Key g

Mike Burgess Mike.Burgess at trw.com
Fri Oct 10 13:42:32 EDT 1997

Mail*Link® SMTP               What happens when the Key gets found?

       resent, 1st try got MIMED.
  I will be going on a 3 week vacation, and will leave my PC
running on an UPS and set to auto-dial daily/when it needs
another 200 keys.  What is the routine when a key is found,
will the keyservers shut down, not serve any more keys, or 
will my client go ape dialing the ISP to get a key for 2 weeks.
  I ask because it is a toll call for me, and 3 min is not a bad
thing, but 60 hours would not be good. mike.burgess at trw.com

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