[rc5] Blocks

Zach zab at zabbo.net
Fri Oct 10 15:30:06 EDT 1997

On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, Bob Krzaczek wrote:

> On 9 Oct 1997, Darrell Fuhriman wrote:
> > People are asking to help and being essentially told to fuck off.
> That's excessive, don't you think?  Even if you don't, I don't believe
> that *everyone* who's asked to help feels this way.


> Impersonal? Yeah. Rude? Maybe. But, did I feel I was told to "fuck off"? 
> Oh, come *on*... get over yourself! 

just fyi, thats just about what I got.  But as you point out....

> So lighten up. 

exactly :)  We're all getting rather huffed up about amazingly silly shit
here.  Could the bovine clients use some improvement?  certainly.  Do I
care if it doesn't get done?  Not a bit :)  I have better things to worry
about. It would have been nice to contribute something to the code base,
but oh well, no skin off my back.  I'll help with projects that are more
reasonable about teamwork. 

-- zach

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