[rc5] RC5 proxy that may be stealing blocks

Saravana Ram Ram at POP.Jaring.My
Sat Oct 11 16:59:35 EDT 1997

I sent ~1100 notify bocks to irc.teenworld.com.my, a knew top-level RC5 proxy. I
sent the notifies 10 days ago, but till today it isn't in my stats.

The proxy server was initially a personal proxy set up for wwongs at pl.jaring.my.

I don't really care who takes credit for my blocks, because i am crunching blocks for
the sake of the global RC5 effort. But i think it is understandable for me to be quite
angry if someone is "stealing" my blocks.

Could it be that their proxy server is running with the "forcemail=" option? If the top-
level proxy server executables do not allow the forcemail option, is it possible that
they have pointed the proxy server to point to another PP which is running with the
"forcemail=" option?

I at first gave them the benefit of the doubt, that possibly my blocks got stuck in a
backlog. But 10 days is too long. And wwongs at pl.jaring.my's stats are increasing
steadily. And when i last checked the proxy network stat page, the server had
checked in 0 mins ago.

So it is not a backlog...

I am just advising you people out there to avoid the server *just in case* my
assumtion is true. And avoid the round-robin dns rc5asiaproxy.distributed.net
because it points half (or is it a third?) of the time to the teenworld server.

RC5 admins, i hope you would investigate this. I think if my guess is true, it is very
unethical on teenworld's admins part.

And i'll be sticking to the round-robin dns rc5proxy.distributed.net for now, because
it points to the trusted slacker, llama, bestnet and bovine servers.

I am not sure that teenworld is a block-stealing group of people, but i just warn the
rest of you guys of my assumtion.

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