[rc5] Netware/IntraNetware client?

Michael Zieger m.zieger at kem.ac.at
Sat Oct 11 13:48:15 EDT 1997

At 08:59 07.10.97 -0600, Steve Trottier wrote:
>FWIW, NetWare/IntraNetWare servers are perfectly capable of running TCP/IP.
>There is even a Winsock.NLM that other NLMs can make use of so I don't see
>why you'd need to re-do any part of the client.  Screen output (text based)
>is as simple as a printf. It wouldn't be too difficult to port the plain
>command-line client to an NLM.

That's what I mean. One of our IntraNetware Servers runs as router,
isdn-server, dns-server, proxy-server, firewall, web-server, ftp-server,
and network management server (ManageWise 2.0). And of course TCP/IP is
running. This uses only 2-3% of the CPU. Why not running a client on it?
The source code for the V1 clients are available. I'm sorry not being able
to port it to IntraNetware myself, but isn't there anyone out there who's
able to?

happy cracking, mike

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