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Sat Oct 11 12:43:09 EDT 1997

Michael Zieger wrote:

> At 16:03 08.10.97 -0500, Brian B. Burton wrote:

> >In my case, I run a mail server. Some idiot using UUnet is systematically
> >using my mail server to bounce spam to AOL.

> Configure your mail server and the firewall to only allow _senders_ from
> within your own domain.

It's not that simple.  You must configure the SMTP server to only accept
mail which meetsw one of the two following criteria:

1) It originates within your domain; or
2) It is addressed to someone within your domain.

I recommend qmail: http://www.qmail.org/

The configuration of a MTA is certainly outside the scope of this list,
so if you have trouble you might consider the qmail mailing list (if you
choose qmail) or comp.mail.sendmail if you choose sendmail.

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