[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #156

Roger Fujii rmf at lookhere.com
Sat Oct 11 18:04:49 EDT 1997

From: Zach <zab at zabbo.net>
> > So lighten up. 
> exactly :)  We're all getting rather huffed up about amazingly silly shit
> here.  Could the bovine clients use some improvement?  certainly.  Do I
> care if it doesn't get done?  Not a bit :)  I have better things to worry
> about. It would have been nice to contribute something to the code base,
> but oh well, no skin off my back.  I'll help with projects that are more
> reasonable about teamwork. 

Bingo.  I wanted to help optimize the SPARC code since I noticed the
core loop seemed to be stalling the CPU, but the discussion here wants me to
look at the old non-optimized V1 code.  The developers here seems to be
instistant on people reinventing the wheel constantly.  Look at the Java
Client issue.  The correct answer should be "Great.  Here are our requirements
on a client.  Who wants to help?"  Instead, we get ridiculous answers
like: "oh, what about the libraries?" or "our stuff is written in portable C"
thereby showing their ignorance about groking the issues on hand.  Given
that the project only has probably 1.5 months left in it, it's no big deal.
But with attitudes like this, I'll never deal with distributed.net project

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