[rc5] Re: OS/2 ramdisk and spindown

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Sun Oct 12 02:17:25 EDT 1997

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Stuart Caulkins wrote:
> Sanford Olson wrote:
> > Not to mention that the 1,000,000 hour MTBF (Seagate Barracuda 4.55GB)
> > means that your hard drive will probably out-live your grandchildren!  *grin*
> >
> > - Sanford
> MTBF means that if all the drives of that model were running at the same
> time, and the total time they were running were added to each other they
> would run for X hours combined!!!  before one of them failed. 
If you want to be techinical, MTBF meens Mean Time Between Failures or Mean
Time Before Falure (one or more of those "Me[ae]n"s are misspelled, I
know...).  That is to say, if you ran a infinite number of hard drives for
that amount of time, exactly half of them should have failed.

> Your drive
> could fail in one hour or a million hours and still the rating overall could
> be 1,000,000 MTBF. 
Exactly.  This dosn't meen that the MTBF is a flawed concept, just that
a) The standard deviation is HUGE and
b) Drive makers lie about their MTBF.

> MTBF does not mean that your drive will run that long, or
> is supposed to run that long. 
It meens that on average, drives of that make/model run that long without

> My experience is that if your drive survives
> the first week you have five calendar years of hard drive use. Anything over
> four and you are taking chances on an imminent crash. 

I wouldn't know; I always upgraded (and normaly sold my old system) before
then.  However, I'm currently running a drive from "A0  Jun 95" (that's what
it claims its "CCC" is) and it ocasionaly gave me DMA errors.  I turned off
DMA and all is well.

> Lets face it computers
> are wasteful, electricity is wasteful, and modern society is wasteful, but
> so is anything fun. 
As good a definition of entropy as any.

> If your really serious about saving electricity go live
> in the Unabomber's shack, its empty and free, I suspect; and drive yourself
> nuts recycling, you might even save one whole pine tree planted in a million
> acre paper plantation, or save Alcoa some money by recycling a can (and
> putting a third world bauxite miner out of work).  
I do my part...  When I don't have to walk any further, I'll put my paper in
a recycling bin instead of a trash can.  I don't know that the situation is
that hopless...  In any case, when you recycle paper you don't keep trees
from being cut down, you just make lumber cheaper.

> Crack codes and consume
> all the energy and resources you want to pay for, if you let the government
> or industry persuade you otherwise you are participating in the government
> and corporate engineered death of the free market.
That strikes me as a little bit on the "precious bodily fluids" level...
(Dr. Strangelove, of cource).

	-=- James Mastros
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	-=- Howard Stern

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