[rc5] Re: [ST] The rc5 effort at ml.org

James Mastros root at jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org
Mon Oct 13 03:36:56 EDT 1997

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, RayK wrote:
> Faster? How so? Any client you run, as long as its' integrity is sound,
> will only be as fast as the clock you run it on. I'm not knocking Cyberian;
> their tested keyspace is 
> accurate (unlike Distributed, who has a questionable block of like 6% of
> the entire keyspace, due to questionable clients, rewritable code, etc.)
> Alos, Cyberian and Monkeys were willing to collaborate in order to prevent
> duplicate keychecks. Not so for Distributed(it'll be interesting if they
> get to the end of the keyspace and find they missed the key ;-o). As of
> right now, Monkey's has reached a plateau speed-wise(server, that is). So
> the more CPU's, the greater the likelihood of their catching up, odds-wise.
> Also, this is not the last challenge, there will be more. I'll forward the
> stats now.

Only as fast as the clock you run it on?  We meen keyrates, not throwing it
out a window (in which case all of them go at -9.8m/s/s).  It's a question
of how fast the inner loop (that acatually cracks keys) runs.  I also
somewhat question that 6% figure.  6% of the keyspace was checked by
genx.net's effort before any of the current efforts started, and I belive is
counted in all of our (the rc5 community's) completed figures.  I also don't
know what you meen by "due to questionable clients, rewritable code, etc."
We have had a couple of "spam clients", but they have been taken out of the
database (all keys that were reported by them were reset to un-checked).
This is the first I have heard about the collaboration of keyspaces between
Cyberian and IM, and I'm ccing this to rc5 at llamas.net to see what they think
of it.  
	Any yes, There Will Be More...  (muhahahah!)
	-=- James Mastros
"I'm not saying you should flash your hooters... but it would help"
	-=- Howard Stern

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