[rc5] RE: Proxy IRC.teenworld stealing blocks?

Saravana Ram Ram at POP.Jaring.My
Mon Oct 13 19:55:46 EDT 1997

Dear Alex.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Please understand i have no intention of having your proxy server shut down, or anything of that sort. I just wondered where my blocks went, and the only party left to suspect was something with the teenworld proxy server.

I wanted a clarification of this, and i am grateful you gave me one. It may be posible that the system crashed, and all my blocks in its cache would be gone.

I do not accuse you of any lack of ethics. And I already assumed that the full-proxies do not have the forcemail option, and the central keyserver can't be designated. But i couldn't help highliting the possibility. After all, the proxy server may have been set to have forcemail when it was for private (your) use, and when was selected as a top-level proxy the configuration was forgotten about. That wouldn't have been anyones fault.

> stats went up. Well, technically, from a logical point of view, he sent in
> 1000 blocks 10 days ago, right? So...EVEN IF he claimed that I had a full
> proxy ointed to a PP, my stats would have gone up that day itself. the
> stats for full proxies are NEVER lagged and are always accurate to no more
> than 20 minutes as the proxies HAVE/MUST communicate with the keymaster
> constantly. 

Well, your stats have been going up ever since. And two days ago you topped out at 28k blocks for that day. But if you have been using ethical means, i congratulate you.

And no, i need not ask the RC5 admins. Your word is good enough... right? ;->

Well, thank you too for reading up to here. And thank you for the reply in the first place. Now that you have clarified, people won't be barking up the wrong tree.


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Sent: 	Monday, October 13, 1997 7:12 PM
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Subject: 	Proxy IRC.teenworld stealing blocks?

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