[rc5] Re: [ST] The rc5 effort at ml.org

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Mon Oct 13 08:32:27 EDT 1997

James Mastros wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, RayK wrote:
> > Faster? How so? Any client you run, as long as its' integrity is sound,
> > will only be as fast as the clock you run it on. I'm not knocking Cyberian;
> > their tested keyspace is
> > accurate (unlike Distributed, who has a questionable block of like 6% of
> > the entire keyspace, due to questionable clients, rewritable code, etc.)
> > Alos, Cyberian and Monkeys were willing to collaborate in order to prevent
> > duplicate keychecks. Not so for Distributed(it'll be interesting if they
> > get to the end of the keyspace and find they missed the key ;-o). As of
> > right now, Monkey's has reached a plateau speed-wise(server, that is). So
> > the more CPU's, the greater the likelihood of their catching up, odds-wise.
> > Also, this is not the last challenge, there will be more. I'll forward the
> > stats now.
> Only as fast as the clock you run it on?  We meen keyrates, not throwing it
> out a window (in which case all of them go at -9.8m/s/s).  It's a question
> of how fast the inner loop (that acatually cracks keys) runs.  I also
> somewhat question that 6% figure.  6% of the keyspace was checked by
> genx.net's effort before any of the current efforts started, and I belive is
> counted in all of our (the rc5 community's) completed figures.  I also don't
> know what you meen by "due to questionable clients, rewritable code, etc."
> We have had a couple of "spam clients", but they have been taken out of the
> database (all keys that were reported by them were reset to un-checked).
> This is the first I have heard about the collaboration of keyspaces between
> Cyberian and IM, and I'm ccing this to rc5 at llamas.net to see what they think
> of it.

I believe this info is correct: in a message from 
Steve Worley <spworley at zeos.worley.com>

> Cyberian started at key MSB 70 and is working upwards. They're 4.5% done. amd
> therefore working on keys roughly around MSB 7b.
> Infinite Monkeys started at MSB FF and is working DOWNWARDS. They're 1.25% done,
> and therefore working on keys roughly around fd. 

bovine is NOT counting any genx keys ( not enough to worry about)

bovine started somewhere above msb 0000 and did about 6% as
a consecuitive block. since then bovine has been issuing keys
to the proxys in consecutive runs of about 1 hour then switches 
to a new random location and issues a new hour of keys...

so the only question is the percentage of bovine blocks from untrusted
sources ( and cyberian has the same problem)

stats meister
stats comparison home page at: http://home.pacbell.net/cwax/
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