[rc5] key server problems

klif.niessen at lmco.com klif.niessen at lmco.com
Tue Oct 14 18:37:43 EDT 1997

Are there any known  problems with the key servers?   For some reason
early this morning I stopped getting keys from the proxy servers.   I
can contact them... I get the "The proxy says: ...." message, but after
that I just get "Network::Error Read failed 6/0".  This is happening for
all of my clients and I've tried 2 different internal Web proxies
getting out.  

Any clue?   Looking back through the logs it seems like I've been having
lots of problems getting out.    I don't think the http proxy method of
contacting the key servers is very reliable.   I don't have nearly
(though I do have some) as many problems directly connecting to the key
servers from home.

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