[rc5] OOOh.... new front page

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.net
Tue Oct 14 18:37:52 EDT 1997

At 1:14 PM 10/14/97, Alex Bischoff wrote:
>        IMHO, I think it looks worse :(. The biggest offense, IMHO, is the
>use of
>absolute table widths. This just alienates those of us that use high
>resolutions -- we end up with black areas on either side of the table that
>just go to waste :(. A compromise would be to use percentages, instead of
>absolute table widths.

I didn't do this new site, but I can tell you that most of us would use
percentage widths in a heartbeat if they were consistent, *and* if we could
set maximum line lengths. On my system (800 x 600 with Netscape 4 most of
full screen) the width of the text is about at the maximum that you would
want to try and read. There is very good reason that newspapers are set in
columns, the eye can only handle a certain width before losing track of
which line to read next after moving back to the left side of the page.

Actually, you might want to read it full width, but no designer would ever
want to make you do so.


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