[rc5] new mac clients

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.net
Wed Oct 15 09:17:49 EDT 1997

At 8:49 PM 10/14/97, Seth Dillingham wrote:
>There are two new versions of the Bovine RC5 client available for the mac.
>The first is the FINAL RELEASE of 2.005, finished by Andrew Meggs.
>The second is the second BETA release of 2.006, by Bob Smith, which runs
>as a faceless background application (similar to a system extension, but
>better), and now, thankfully, includes a separate "controller
>Both are available for download on the clients page at distributed-mac.
>Seth Dillingham

I think this is good news, but it is more than a bit confusing.

I recall seeing an announcement just a few days ago to the effect that
there would not be *any* final release versions identified as 2.005, and
that 2.006 would be the release number of the tested product. In other
words, the version numbers you are announcing are precisely the reverse of
what I thought was an authoritative statement.

Second, Andrew Meggs made a very loud exit from the RC5 effort, and asked
us all not to use his code. I disagreed with his request, and like many
others continued to use code that included his contributions. Did he come
back? I'm sure it's not, but it sounds fishy to me.

Finally, someone a while back reported that he was mirroring all of the
clients for download, and it was made quickly clear to him that this was
forbidden and that only rc5.distributed.net was to distribute the clients
for this effort. So now you're announcing not one but two clients on
another site, but these clients aren't on either the official clients page
or on the ftp site.

In other words, who are you and what's going on here? Did all the rules
change on a day when I was deleting messages too quickly?


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