[rc5] Re: OS/2 ramdisk and spindown

Seth D. Schoen sigma at ishmael.nmh.northfield.ma.us
Wed Oct 15 13:09:11 EDT 1997

In order to try to resolve the objection raised by James Mastros
about the meaning of the median of an infinite set, how about this?

The median of an infinite set is m if and only if the limit as n goes
to infinity of the ratio of (number of set elements with indices less
than n and values less than m)/(number of set elements with indices
less than n and values greater than n) is 1.


lim    (# elements <m)/(# elements >m)  = 1

This uses the pre-existing definition of the limit to take care of
problems with the infinitude of the set.  Of course, the set has to be

(The problem of a set which doesn't contain elements on both sides of
its median can be solved by first adjoining (m-1) and (m+1) -- they
allow the ratio to be well-defined, but they won't affect the value of
the median itself.)

Sorry for the rather non-topical discussion; I'm so far behind that I
don't even really know how the thread got started.

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