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Randal E. Bradakis lsurfer at cris.com
Wed Oct 15 20:18:03 EDT 1997

On Wed, 15 Oct 97 13:34:21 -0400, Seth Dillingham <seth at snet.net> wrote:

>G. Armour Van Horn (vanhorn at whidbey.net), on 10/15/1997 11:17 AM, wrote 
>the following:
>>I think this is good news, but it is more than a bit confusing.

As a person that only runs primarily win32 and OS/2 clients, this doesn't
affect me too much.  However, I'm also a little confused by the announcement
about Andrew Meggs' client.  The one Mac I have in my team would like to be
running a V2 client, I'm pretty sure...

>>In other words, who are you and what's going on here? Did all the rules
>>change on a day when I was deleting messages too quickly?
>It's true that Andrew Meggs asked everyone not to run his clients, and 
>that he made an exit from the effort. It's also true, however, that he 
>has since then written a letter stating that his protest has had all of 
>the effect that it ever will, and gave a grudging blessing to use the 
>client again.

Hmmm.  Well, last I read here in the list, Andrew asked us to all stop using
his code.  Nothing until this thread on the Mac client since then.

>Since then, Dan Grassi has had version 2.005b6 of Andrew's client 
>available on the clones4mac website (http://members.aol.com/clones4mac/).
>Andrew may not be an active developer for Bovine RC5 anymore, but he's 
>still supporting his client and DEFINITELY doesn't have a problem with 
>anyone running it. That's WHY he just delivered the final version of 
>2.005, and helped Bob Smith with 2.006 by giving him the code to 2.005 
>and alpha/beta testing it for him.
>As to the rules about client distribution... there's been a version of 
>the mac client available on the clones4mac site for weeks now, and if 
>Andrew (and Bob) own the code, how can distributed.net tell them where to 
>distribute it, and where not to?

Er, I don't know about distributed.net making those rules, but it sure would
have been nice to know about the _availability_ of the client.

>I haven't seen anything from distributed.net saying that our distribution 
>of the mac client is against their rules. I'm not sure I'd like seeing 
>that (I'm sure I wouldn't), but I'd probably comply as long as they made 
>the new clients available on their site.

I'd prefer to see a single point of distribution, myself, but it's not a huge
thing with just one (the first?) other site.

>As to your last paragraph...
>I am the www.distributed-mac.net coordinator, and there't nothing "going 
>on here" that isn't very clear and on the 'up and up'. If you're 
>complaining, I'm not sure why; but if you're just curious then I hope 
>I've answered your questions. Did all the rules change? No, I don't think 
>so, but I'm not sure that we've broken any either, at least not ones that 
>distributed.net has shown any care about or which they've even made me 
>aware of.

Well, if Andrew now says that it's okay to run his client, then the rules
definately HAVE changed.  That's why, I at least, am a little confused.
(What's distributed-mac.net?)  

Me, I'm just curious, and would like to eek out a little more performance
outta that Mac.

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