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>As you may have read (if you're still on the RC5 lists),

Nope, not on the lists. Here goes:

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As some people may have heard, the MacOS clients that I worked on are
currently being distributed and used as part of the RC5 effort. I have
no objection to that. I withdrew the client not because of any dislike
for Bovine, but for the sake of what I saw as a larger purpose. How
much I may have accomplished can be debated in other forums, but it
should be clear to all at this point that everything that could be
gained has been gained by now.

Because of the acrimony that resulted from my actions (especially that
which came under the personal signature of a Mr. John Halbig), I don't
see my personal involvement in anything related to either
distributed.net or evangelist as being especially desired by either
side. However, I won't try to stop others from attempting to further
those causes if they desire, and I've both passed on the Mac-specific
code to another developer and given permission to distributed.net to
make the client available.

Andrew Meggs

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