[rc5] Re: Mac client

Paul McGrane savoytruffle at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 17 10:51:23 EDT 1997

>We're not mirroring all of the clients for download, we're just making 
>the newest version of the mac client available. The latest version 
>been available from distributed.net for quite awhile.

Well why is that? Why is distributed.net showing no interest in the 
platform that accounts for a gigantic chunk of the checked keyspace? 
Obviously the Mac client has been divorced from the rest of the codebase 
for some time, but now that I see outdated versions of the client still 
called "new" on the download page and the admin of a 3rd party site 
forced to announce them on the discussion list (instead of announce), I 
really think I have to protest this.

The age old cry of crackers...Distributed.net, where are you?

...Paul McGrane

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