[rc5] NEW DOMAIN NAME, IFM.NET was Re: [RC5talk] 50% of rc5-56 keys tested !!!

Irwan Hadi phoenix at cutey.com
Sun Oct 19 16:24:15 EDT 1997

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At 20:59 18/10/97 -0700, Dave Avery wrote:
Just want to inform you, that all access to http://www.rc5.cs.wisc.edu, now 
can be done by this address http://www.ifm.net or http://ifm.net .
Hope that the participants of Infinite Monkeys and also the participants 
from another efforts would be glad with their new domain name.

Actually I hope that IFM maintainers will change their domain name soon, 
because the domain ifm.net only transfer us to rc5.cs.wisc.edu

There are some benefits from this new domain name :
1. If we want to visit their homepage, we only need to type less.
2. it should be easier to remember.
3. This domain (*.net), show that : 1. This effort done in the network.
                                    2. Show that this project (by IFM), can 
be done                                                                      
         					     by every people, not only from their who are 					     a 
student, because domian name *.edu                                           
                                                  					     sometimes make 
people think "oooh this                                         					     
effort is doing by students, so it won't be 					     control 
professionally. :)

BTW, can we make a contest, to guess when *THE KEY* is find ?
I guess (for bovine), when their have checked about 70% - 78% of the 
How about you ?

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