[rc5] Idea for team stats...

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Sun Oct 19 16:15:53 EDT 1997

Ken Clinkenbeard (ken-clinkenbeard at uiowa.edu), on 10/19/1997 2:53 PM, 
wrote the following:

>I like the idea of having a % of keyspace stat for each team. It would be
>quite humbling :-).

This part is already reported on rc5stats.distributed.net, in the team 
summary. :)

Look at the team summary page for your team, under the "Current Status" 

Look for a line that says, "Keyspace Exhausted: ", you'll see what you're 
percentage of the total available keyspace.

"Humbling" covers it pretty well.

Even the evangelista's are only at less than 4%, which is awesome when 
you look at almost everybody else's stats... such as my own, which are at 
less than .1% :)

Very humbling indeed.

              seth at snet.net

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