[rc5] Re: Mac Client

Paul McGrane savoytruffle at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 19 14:32:04 EDT 1997

The final version of the Mac 2.005 was released recently, as someone 
explained on this list. I fully understand your reluctance to distribute 
beta code openly. But this *is* now a final release. Is it because of 
the odds=beta, evens=final numbering scheme for every other platform? It 
would probably create some confusion on the downloads page, but Mac 
2.005 does provide a number of bug fixes over Mac 2.004, and the 2.006 
beta appears to be a very different kind of setup (FBA with separate 
controller app).

...Paul McGrane
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>At 09:51 AM 10/17/97 PDT, you wrote:
>>Well why is that? Why is distributed.net showing no interest in the 
>>platform that accounts for a gigantic chunk of the checked keyspace? 
>>Obviously the Mac client has been divorced from the rest of the 
>>for some time, but now that I see outdated versions of the client 
>>called "new" on the download page and the admin of a 3rd party site 
>>forced to announce them on the discussion list (instead of announce), 
>>really think I have to protest this.
>In fairness to distributed.net, I think that it is a really large leap 
>go from "does not have up-to-the-minute beta code on the ftp site" to
>"shows no interest in [the Mac platform]".  There is nothing at all
>outdated about the v2.004 MacOS client.  It is still the official 
>and the only supported client for the MacOS platform.
>All other versions (and this is especially true with the MacOS 
platform) of
>the client are to be considered beta releases and their widespreade
>implementation is not recommended at this time.  Not until the official
>2.006 release will the current 2.004 code base be "old" or "obsolete".

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