[rc5] Re: Mac Client

Phil Reed pcr at ic.net
Mon Oct 20 18:50:20 EDT 1997

>The final version of the Mac 2.005 was released recently, as someone 
>explained on this list. I fully understand your reluctance to distribute 
>beta code openly. But this *is* now a final release. Is it because of 
>the odds=beta, evens=final numbering scheme for every other platform? It 
>would probably create some confusion on the downloads page, but Mac 
>2.005 does provide a number of bug fixes over Mac 2.004, and the 2.006 
>beta appears to be a very different kind of setup (FBA with separate 
>controller app).

Then why not change the version numbering so that the Mac
client is in line with all the other clients? Call this newest release
2.006, and make the next one 2.007 beta. (Though, if the changes
are as dramatic as you say, it probably deserves a different number.)


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