[rc5] is the contest over?

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Mon Oct 20 22:21:37 EDT 1997

Tom Wells (tom at Jellydonut.COM), on 10/20/1997 9:07 PM, wrote the 

>A friend and I briefly saw the RSA Contests Page show that the 
>RC5-56 has been solved as of 11:20 am.  Anyone want to verify this?
>The stats haven't been updated since 2pm GMT, so we're wondering if
>it's true.

I think you may have confused it with the 48 bit contest, which is over.

I just checked, it's still marked as "ongoing".

I don't know why the stats haven't been updated, though. Nugget's 
probably changing something, he likes to tinker. :)


              seth at snet.net

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