[rc5] is the contest over?

Joe Sunday void at null.net
Mon Oct 20 23:35:44 EDT 1997

Tom Wells wrote:

> A friend and I briefly saw the RSA Contests Page show that the
> RC5-56 has been solved as of 11:20 am.  Anyone want to verify this?
> The stats haven't been updated since 2pm GMT, so we're wondering if
> it's true.
> Tom

Contest identifier: RC5-32/12/7
     Cipher: RC5-32/12/7 (RC5 with 32-bit wordsize, 12 rounds, and 7*8=56-bit key)
     Start of contest: 28 January 1997, 9 am PST
     State of contest: ongoing
Looks like it's still on to me as of 10:35 EST.


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