[rc5] The contest over? Naaaahhh...

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Mon Oct 20 23:54:20 EDT 1997

Tom Wells said that he and a friend thought they saw somewhere on RSA's 
pages that the contest was over, and since then a bunch of people 
(including myself) seem to have run over to the RSA page to find out if 
it's true or not.

Two questions:

1. How many of us went to rc5.distributed.net or www.distributed.net to 
find out first?

2. Assuming you did that, how many thought you'd better check the RSA 
pages anyway, despite our overwhelming confidence in the Bovine 
organizers? ;) My thoughts ran something like this:

     "Didn't see it on the Announce list."
     "Didn't see it on the RC5 or RC5-Mac list."
     "Didn't see it on the distributed.net site."
     "... so?"
     "Better go look at RSA's page anyway."

              seth at snet.net

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