[rc5] The contest over? Naaaahhh...

Michael Driscoll fenris at frob.ml.org
Tue Oct 21 00:27:29 EDT 1997

>To be honest, as we approach the 50% mark, I am increasingly worried that
>we may end up nowhere. The keyspace is enormously huge (though Bivine
>processing power so far is also enormously large) that the probability of
>missing the magic key after 100% mark is too high. Old or current
>programming erros, stats/key server logistical/administration problems and 
>undetected spams/attacks can each easily cause the whole effort into dismay.

I've thought about this as well.  Since there is no such thing as
bugless software, it is plausible that there have been some false
negatives reported.  However, let's look at the scope of things.  Let's
take the pessimistic view that one in a thousand blocks is being
reported as a false negative (I say pessimistic because I don't think
it's this often).  Then we'd still have a 99.9% of hitting the block
on our first run of the keyspace.

Thems good odds.
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