[rc5] The contest over? Naaaahhh...

The Man theman at fallout.dyndns.com
Tue Oct 21 00:09:03 EDT 1997

Michael Driscoll wrote:

> I've thought about this as well.  Since there is no such thing as
> bugless software, it is plausible that there have been some false
> negatives reported.  However, let's look at the scope of things.  Let's
> take the pessimistic view that one in a thousand blocks is being
> reported as a false negative (I say pessimistic because I don't think
> it's this often).  Then we'd still have a 99.9% of hitting the block
> on our first run of the keyspace.

First, there can be only one false negative, because there is only one
key. Now perhaps 1 key in 1000 is being done incorrectly, but that seems
pretty unlikely. If we get to 100% without finding the key it will
almost certainly be due to unreturned blocks. There may be thousands or
millions of blocks that were fetched but never returned - human error,
filesystem corruption, catastrophes, and even willful sabotage (albeit
uncreative) will no doubt all be causes of these lost blocks. So what?
These blocks will then be reassigned and we'll keep checking. But even
considering this possibility, there is at bare minimum a 96-99% chance
we'll find the key the first time, and probably a lot better. Crack
more, worry less - we've got a long way to go.

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