[rc5] The contest over? Naaaahhh...

Icepick icepick at pclink.com
Tue Oct 21 09:57:37 EDT 1997

At 11:09 PM 10/20/97 -0700, The Man wrote:
>Michael Driscoll wrote:
>> I've thought about this as well.  Since there is no such thing as
>> bugless software, it is plausible that there have been some false
>> negatives reported.  However, let's look at the scope of things.  Let's
>> take the pessimistic view that one in a thousand blocks is being
>> reported as a false negative (I say pessimistic because I don't think
>> it's this often).  Then we'd still have a 99.9% of hitting the block
>> on our first run of the keyspace.
>First, there can be only one false negative, because there is only one
>key. Now perhaps 1 key in 1000 is being done incorrectly, but that seems
>pretty unlikely. If we get to 100% without finding the key it will
>almost certainly be due to unreturned blocks. There may be thousands or

Isn't the % complete that is shown on the stats, based upon the number
of blocks returned?  If so, when we're 100% complete, we're done.  There
are no blocks left to check. 

However, when we hit 50%, more than 50% of the blocks have been handed out.

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