[rc5] The contest over? Naaaahhh...

Eric Gindrup gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Tue Oct 21 14:17:09 EDT 1997

        From a raw throughput point of view, this seems unlikely.  However, 
     this makes me wonder -- what's the fastest crack available with all 
     known theoretical bells and whistles applied?  Surely it's faster than 
     brute force.  What's the effort multiplier when the improvements are 
     applied?  Would we already be done with RC5-56 if we were using these 
        Strictly, this doesn't affect the current effort since a goal was 
     to prove that dumb brute force could batter down the encryption (under 
     a lot of restrictive assumptions).  I'm just wondering what a 
     determined attacker with a library card could do...
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Subject: RE: [rc5] The contest over? Naaaahhh... 
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> Tom Wells said that he and a friend thought they saw somewhere on 
> RSA's 
> pages that the contest was over, and since then a bunch of people 
> (including myself) seem to have run over to the RSA page to find out 
> if 
> it's true or not.
>      "Didn't see it on the Announce list."
>      "Didn't see it on the RC5 or RC5-Mac list." 
>      "Didn't see it on the distributed.net site." 
>      "... so?"
>      "Better go look at RSA's page anyway." 
What about the possibility that someone besides Bovine solved the puzzle 
and reported it solved?  I could easily see RSA's site having newer 
information than distributed.net if a nonBovine team submitted the 
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