[rc5] RC5-64 Netware client

Steve Trottier STROTTIER at novell.com
Wed Oct 22 19:57:29 EDT 1997

I saw the same thing. If you look at the ini file it generates, you will see
that the first character from every line is missing. The netware client has
been removed from the FTP servers until they can get it figured out. It was
only there for a few minutes, I guess you got unlucky enough to catch the
window when it was there.

Steve Trottier <strottier at novell.com>
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>>> lunaslide <lunaslyd at pacbell.net> 10/22 6:27 PM >>>
Hi all.  I'm trying to run the Netware client and have run into a few 
problems.  When I execute

load rc564 -config

make my changes and then type 0 to quit and save, the client does not 
save the changes.  When I open config again, I get the default 


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