[rc5] When will RC5-64 Stats exist

Brian Murphy brianm at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 22 21:00:19 EDT 1997

	Umm..not to be a party pooper, or anything..but are there any plans 
for RC5-64 bit stats to be put up soon?  Sure would be nice to know 
how we're doing in the meantime, before the next project comes 
around.  Pretty please?  Stat addicts need it.  We feel lost, and 
alone in a big, uncertain world without it.  We lose sleep without 
stats.  We go home at night, and cry because we are uncertain of our 
own self worth.  We start drinking to dull the pain(ok..so we drink 
to celebrate).  We become alcoholics, and can no longer type the 
email addresses of our team names correctly.  We slowly fade into 
unconsiousness, wake up the next day hung over, and get fired from 
our jobs for poor performance.  We can no longer run rc5 clients on 
all those dozens of machines at work.  The entire effort collapses, 
and bcomes just a memory in the minds of a few old winos that no one 
listens to anyway.  We mope the streets rambling incoherently about 
key lengths, while cracking keys in our heads in exchange for spare 
change.  You wouldn't want *that* to happen, would you?
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