[rc5] Some thoughts on finding the key

Brian Murphy brianm at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 22 22:09:42 EDT 1997

> Could it be that they found the key, but RSA had to confirm the key
> first and some of the lag could be contributed to that?

With the DESChall effort, we knew within hours, I believe.  It was 
found around midnight i believe, and was reported to the list by the 
middle of the next afternoon.  It didn't take nearly 4 days.  For 
whatever reason, they definitely held onto the info for a while.  
Only they can say why.  

	I don't think it would take RSA that long to verify it, although 
it's definitely possible that there is some other valid reason.  I 
must admit, I share alot of peoples sentiments that distributed.net 
conveys the "appearance" of either not caring, or not being 
organized.  When comparing this effort to the DESChall effort(efforts 
of similar magnitude), I must say that DESChall was *vastly* more 
organized than distributed.net *seems* to be.  Obviously, I have no 
real idea of what *really* goes on behind the scenes.  Obviously 
there is an immense amount of work to be done.  Everyone 
participating in that deserves a hell of alot of credit.  They aren't 
getting paid for this.  They are taking their *own* time to do this.  
However, I don't think they all have quite the same devotion to the 
effort that DESChall people did.  I'm also not sure if I can expect 
them to.  I just know I'd like them to.  I'm looking forward to 
continuing my efforts with distributed.net.  I'm proud to have been a 
part of the single largest distributed computing project ever 
undertaken.  I'd like to take that a step farther.  I'd like to see 
distributed.net grow, and coalesce into a much leaner, more 
organized, much more prepared group.  I'll give them the opportunity 
to try to achieve that.  But, I'd also caution them that people are 
picky, and people are demanding.  Distributed.net is *not* doing it's 
participants a favor.  They're doing distributed.net a favor.  Treat 
your participants accordingly.  A little communication goes a long 
way.  Please keep that in mind.

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