[rc5] humble suggestion

Greg Childers gchil0 at pop.uky.edu
Wed Oct 22 23:47:30 EDT 1997

I have a humble suggestion.  Since the RC5-64 keyspace is so INCREDIBLY
huge, and since as soon as the V3 clients are out, our processing power
will be divided among at least 2 different tasks, perhaps we could share
the keyspace with the competing effort(s) who are willing to do the same.
I am NOT suggesting that we divide the keyspace from the outset and say
I'll take this, you take that.  I would always feel that we just gave the
key away.  But perhaps at the end of each week, or each day perhaps, we and
the other willing efforts could share the info that the key is not located
in {0xXXXXXXXX:X0000000,...} and if some of those blocks were duplicated in
that day (week), so be it.  Of course, this does require that all
participating efforts be completely honest!  (Can we assume this?)

What do ya think?

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