[rc5] Some thoughts on finding the key

Haberlach, Adam HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu
Wed Oct 22 21:43:21 EDT 1997

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> >> Could it be that they found the key, but RSA had to confirm 
> the key
> >> first and some of the lag could be contributed to that?
> >With the DESChall effort, we knew within hours, I believe.  It 
> was 
> >found around midnight i believe, and was reported to the list 
> by the 
> >middle of the next afternoon.  It didn't take nearly 4 days.  
> For 
> >whatever reason, they definitely held onto the info for a 
> while.  
> >Only they can say why.  
> - From what I hear, there is an automated system at RSA that 
> allows people to check their keys.  There should be a pretty 
> quick turnaround time on that.
> >	I don't think it would take RSA that long to verify it, 
> although 
> >it's definitely possible that there is some other valid 
> reason.  I 
> >must admit, I share alot of peoples sentiments that 
> distributed.net 
> >conveys the "appearance" of either not caring, or not being 
> >organized.  When comparing this effort to the DESChall 
> effort(efforts 
> >of similar magnitude), I must say that DESChall was *vastly* 
> more 
> >organized than distributed.net *seems* to be.  Obviously, I 
> have no 
> 	DESChall did not attempt to do as much, which is in my humble 
> opinion, a good thing.
> 	Priority #1:  Fast Clients.
> 	Priority #2: Clients for many platforms.
> 	Priority #3: Server reliability
> 	Priority #4: Statistics.
> 	It seemed to me that DESChall was more organized because it 
> was pretty much run by one person, and because he didn't care 
> what happened as long as the keys kept getting checked.  We 
> didn't have much in the way of stats for quite some time--
> people were expected to keep their own.  Or not care.  Compare 
> this to Bovine--we already have people whining about not have 
> stats for the 64-bit competition, when it started in the last 
> 24 hours, and quite unexpectedly.
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