[rc5] Stats and what-not

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Wed Oct 22 23:59:34 EDT 1997

/me apologizes for the mess Eudora made of his nice,
 pretty line breaks in that previous post.

Just a few comments to respond to the questions I've been seeing in


I guarantee you'll see working 64-bit stats by the end of the weekend.
Most likely, some test pages will start appearing as early as tomorrow.
 I have been damn-near useless at the office the past few days and I've
got some serious catching up to do before I can devote the time
required to build a full-fledged stats system.

I am very excited at the prospect of a clean start on stats. No missing
week, no V1 informationally-challenged block submissions, full
CPU/OS/Version information from the start.  We've also got the perfect
opportunity to correct some of the glaring oversights we made the first
time around.


The way teams work from here on out will be completely different.  Each
individual participant will have access to their own individual stats,
hosts lists, etc based on their email address as configured in the
clients.  This will look/work very much like the team/email sections
did for 56-bit.  Additionally, however, each participant will have the
option of crediting their blocks toward a larger grouping.  This true
"teams" database will be handled seperately and will have no
relationship to client block submissions outside of each person being
able to associate to a specific team.

For instance, all of my clients will be configured to use my own email
address of "nugget at slacker.com".  I'll be assigned a password to access
my stats (like you are accustomed to seeing) and from the configuration
screen, I'll be able to pick which team I'm affiliated with.  That team
would instantly gain the benefit of my blocks, past and future for the
stats rankings.  If no team is chosen, my blocks would count towards
me, personally.

The teams database, however, does not exist yet (obviously).  Once that
functionality is built into the stats system you'll then be able to
affiliate yourself with the team of your choosing and all your blocks
will be attributed retroactively.


I'll let Duncan handle this one.  ABout the only thing I can offer is
that it will address pretty much EVERY major issue and concern we've
heard voiced thus far.


We've really had to scrable to get clients built for 64bit.  I'm sure
you've noticed that we're missing many, many platforms.  Although the
actual changes required are minimal, we're having to round up all out
shells and accounts for the various platforms and have had to contact
all our coders and porters.  This has been especially difficult because
we did not want to raise the question as to WHY we all-of-a-sudden
needed 64-bit clients.  :)  RSA Labs was very adamant in their desire
to be the first to announce the solution.

Our mac guys are working on the mac port.  All of our coders have
flocked from the woodwork since the announcement and I'm sure coding
and compiling will go on well into this evening.  I expect this
situation to resolve itself VERY RAPIDLY.


The 56-bit proxy/keyserver network is being maintained indefinately in
order to facillitate a graceful shutdown period.  The last thing we
want is 20,000 clients across the planet screaming "connection refused"
and generating gigabytes of buf-out files.  Once everyone has had a
chance to upgrade we'll eventually pull the servers, although I do not
expect to see this happen any time soon.

If you need any assistance in tracking down forgotten clients, I will
be setting up IP queries from the stats database for you to use in
finding IPs that are still submitting blocks for your email address.


Yep.  It's big.  It's daunting.  It's inconcievably large.  It's
foolish to even attempt to crack it.

We said the same things of 56-bit in April.
The exact same things.
Now we're eating our words. (and they taste good)

Why should 64Bit be any different.  We are nowhere near our peak (if
there even is such a thing) and our growth has never slowed over this
entire effort.  Ther is no reason to think that this will change.

What have I missed?  Expect to hear from Duncan this evening on V3 and
you can always catch me on IRC if you've got any more questions.


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