[rc5] Some thoughts on finding the key

Brian Murphy brianm at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 22 22:51:37 EDT 1997

> > 
> > 	DESChall did not attempt to do as much, which is in my humble 
> > opinion, a good thing.
> > 
> > 	Priority #1:  Fast Clients.
> > 	Priority #2: Clients for many platforms.
> > 	Priority #3: Server reliability
> > 	Priority #4: Statistics.

I would definitely agree here.  The key was the Rocke kept it simple. 
 Stats were adequate (except that there were no "teams"..which alot 
of us would have loved).  They didn't have alot of bells, and 
whistles, but they were there.

> > 
> > 	It seemed to me that DESChall was more organized because it 
> > was pretty much run by one person, and because he didn't care 
> > what happened as long as the keys kept getting checked.  We 
> > didn't have much in the way of stats for quite some time--
> > people were expected to keep their own.  Or not care.  Compare 
> > this to Bovine--we already have people whining about not have 
> > stats for the 64-bit competition, when it started in the last 
> > 24 hours, and quite unexpectedly.

Also true.  Rocke was nothing if not determined to stay on course.  
Obviously it's harder to coordinate an effort where everyone has to 
go through one ultimate authority.  There's a certain amount of 
confusion that is bound to arise there.  I was mostly trying to 
iterate that while distributed.net often seems unorganized, and 
probably *is* to an extent, there are alot of problems that need to 
be overcome.  It is a new organization.  This is it's first project.  
Given time, hopefully it will mature, and grow into a force to be 
reckoned with.  I don't really have any lofty notions of selling idle 
CPU cycles for profit, but I would love to see the effort continue 
with things such as SETI at home, or prime number searches (nix the 
chess engine idea..blech.  What are we supposed to do when Kasparov 
*isn't* playing against distributed.net?.)  There's alot that can 
come of this...we just need to learn from the mistakes that were 
made, and look at where the inadequacies are, and continue to improve 
upon them.  With the right guidance, and some effort, distributed.net 
could become so much more than it already is.

As for the 64 bit stats..I don't think anyone is whining about them 
yet...it was mostly just a good natured plug.  I certainly don't 
expect Nugget to lose any sleep tonight trying to get them working.  
I expect him to go out, and get hammered.

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