[rc5] RC5-64 v2.6401 client speed vs RC5-56 v2.004

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Thu Oct 23 01:52:24 EDT 1997

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997 01:21:52 -0400, Joey Sum wrote:

>1. The speed of the RC5-64 v2.6401 client (262 kk/s) is slower than the RC5-56
>v2.004 (280 kk/s) on my Cyrix 6x86-166+.  In both cases, I use the Cyrix
>specific code.

I suspect that it's the larger key expansion that's causing the
performance hit.

>2. The nice settings seem to be different in the RC5-64 v2.6401 client.  I ran
>the RC5-56 v2.004 client on nice 2 (normal) and never noticed any slowdown or
>lag.  Running the RC5-64 v2.6401 client on nice 2 shows a bit of lag and
>slower performance when trying to run something else.  (Nice 1 is fine).

Er, you should always have noticed a hit at Nice 2, since the RC5
client will use every cycle allotted to it and at Nice 2 it's in direct
competition w/ your real apps.

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