[rc5] RC5 client for RISC OS

Chris Berry cberry at acorn.com
Thu Oct 23 09:35:17 EDT 1997

Hi all,

 After repeated failed attempts to get hold of the source for a v2
RC5-56 client, we ended up just using a v1 version for RISC OS. Now
the 64-bit challenge is being attempted, I notice that there are no
v1 clients anymore.

 Here at Acorn we have a couple of hundred ARM and StrongARM
machines just yearning to run RC5-64 clients. Now I understand
that the source can't just be sent out to anyone, so can someone
on the team please build a client?

 If not, I guess we just won't be able to help 8-(


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Future Technologies, Acorn Group     mailto:cberry at acorn.co.uk
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